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Corot to Monet: general reading list

General reading list

Reading list for 19th-century landscape painting.

National Gallery publications

Davies and Gould 1970
M. Davies (revised by C. Gould), 'National Gallery Catalogues. French School Early 19th Century, Impressionists, Post-Impressionists etc', London 1970

London 1990–1
D. Bomford, J. Kirby, J. Leighton and A. Roy, 'Art in the Making. Impressionism', exh. cat., National Gallery, London 1990'–'1

Egerton 1998
J. Egerton, 'National Gallery Catalogues. The British School', London 1998

London 1999
C. Riopelle, X. Bray and C. Gere, 'A Brush with Nature: The Gere Collection of Landscape Oil Sketches', exh. cat., National Gallery, London 1999, rev edn 2003

Plein-air painting

Coekelberghs 1976
D. Coekelberghs, 'Les peintres belges à Rome de 1700 à 1830', Brussels and Rome 1976

London/Cambridge 1980–1
P. Conisbee and L. Gowing, 'Painting from Nature: the tradition of open-air oil sketching from the 17th to the 19th centuries', exh. cat., Royal Academy, London and  Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 1980–1

Bull 1981
D. Bull, 'Classic Ground: British Artists and the Landscape of Italy, 1740-1830', New Haven 1981

Galassi 1991
P. Galassi,'Corot in Italy. Open-Air Painting and the Classical-Landscape Tradition', New Haven and London 1991

Washington/New York/Saint Louis 1996–7
P.Conisbee, S. Faunce, J. Strick and P. Galassi, 'In the Light of Italy. Corot and Early Open-Air Painting', exh. cat., National Gallery of Art, Washington; The Brooklyn Museum, New York; Saint Louis Art Museum 1996–7

Paris/Mantua 2001
A. Ottani Cavina, V. Pomarède and S. Tumidei, 'Paysages d’Italie. Les peintres du plein air (1780-1830)', exh. cat., Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris; Centro Internazionale d’Arte e di Cultura di Palazzo Te, Mantua 2001

New York 2002–3
'The Thaw Collection: master drawings and oil sketches: acquisitions since 1994', exh. cat., Pierpont Morgan Library, New York 2002–3

Baden 2004
F.A. Baumann, 'Sehnsucht Italien. Corot und die frühe Freilichtmalerei 1780–1850', exh. cat., Museum Langmatt, Baden 2004

Shizuoka/Sydney/Melbourne 2004–5
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New York 2009
J. Tonkovich, 'Studying Nature: Oil Sketches from the Thaw Collection', exh. cat., The Morgan Library and Museum, New York 2009

The Barbizon School

Bouret 1973
J. Bouret, 'The Barbizon School and Nineteenth-Century French Landscape Painting', Greenwich, CT 1973

Barbizon 1975
G. Isnard, 'Barbizon au temps de J.-F.Millet (1849–1875)', exh. cat., Salle des Fêtes, Barbizon 1975

Miquel 1975–1987
P. Miquel, 'Le Paysage française au XIXe siècle 1824–1874. L’Ecole de la nature',  I-III, Maurs-la-Jolie 1975; IV, 1985; V 'Paysage et Société 1800–1900', 1985; VI, 'L’Art et L’Argent, 1800–1900', 1987

Bremen 1977–8
G. Busch et al., 'Zurück zur Nature: Die Kunstlerkolonie von Barbizon: Ihre Vorgeschichte und ihre Auswirkung', exh. cat., Kunsthalle, Bremen 1977'–'8

Green 1990
N. Green, 'The Spectacle of Nature: Landscape and Bourgeois Culture in Nineteenth-Century France', Manchester and New York 1990

Adams 1994
S. Adams, 'The Barbizon School and the Origins of Impressionism', London 1994

Munich 1996
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Burmester and Denk 1999
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Roy 1999
A. Roy, ‘Barbizon Painters: Tradition and Innovation in Artists’ Materials’, 'Barbizon. Malerei der Natur – Natur der Malerei'. Im Auftrag der Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen, des Doerner-Institutes und des Zentralinstitutes für Kunstgeschichte, München, editors A. Burmester, C. Heilmann and M.F. Zimmermann, Munich 1999, pp. 330'–'342

Lyons 2002
V. Pomarède et al, ‘L’Ecole de Barbizon. Peindre en plein air avant l’impressionnisme’, exh. cat., Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyons 2002

Washington/Houston 2008
K. Jones, S. Kelly, S. Kennel and H. Aurisch, 'In the Forest of Fontainebleau. Painters and Photographers from Corot to Monet', exh. cat., National Gallery of Art; Washington; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 2008

Impressionism and its origins

Rewald 1973
J. Rewald, 'The History of Impressionism', first published 1946; fourth revised edition, 1973

Edinburgh 1986
M. Clarke, 'Lighting up the Landscape. French Impressionism and its Origins',
exh. cat., National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh 1986

Herbert 1988
R. Herbert, 'Impressionism: Art, Leisure and Parisian Society', New Haven and London 1988

Manchester 1991
K.S. Champa, ed., 'The Rise of Landscape Painting in France: Corot to Monet', exh. cat., Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire 1991

Paris/New York 1994–5
G. Tinterow and H. Loyrette, 'Origins of Impressionism', exh. cat., Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1994–5

London/Amsterdam/Williamstown 2000–1
R. Brettell, 'Impression. Painting Quickly in France, 1860–1890', exh. cat., National Gallery, London; Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts 2000–1

Boston 2002
G.T.M. Shackelford and F.E. Wissman, 'Impressions of Light: The French Landscape from Corot to Monet', exh. cat., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2002