Buying, Collecting and Display: Case Studies

Projects relating to Buying, Collecting and Display are undertaken by staff from across the National Gallery's research departments.

Relevant features highlight where research into frames from a particular period has informed decisions on reframing, as for Leonardo’s 'Virgin of the Rocks'. During cleaning and restoration of Jan van Eyck’s 'Margaret, the Artist's Wife' more was learnt about the construction and decoration of the original integral frame.

Framing was one aspect of the Raphael Research Project, an online resource bringing together the Gallery's research into its collection of pictures by Raphael. It also includes features about Raphael’s drawings, cartoons and iconography, copies and prints after his work, the provenance of his pictures, their conservation and their materials and techniques.

Detail from Leonardo 'The Virgin of the Rocks', about 1491-1508
Find out how a new frame has added to our understanding of Leonardo's 'Virgin of the Rocks'.
Detail from Raphael, 'The Crucified Christ with the Virgin Mary, Saints and Angels (The Mond Crucifixion)', about 1502-3
See the impact that different frames have on Raphael's powerful crucifixion painting, 'The Mond Crucifixion'.
Jan van Eyck: 'Margaret, the Artist's Wife', 1439, view of th eleft edge of the panel.
Take a closer look at the panel and frame of ‘Margaret, the Artist’s Wife’. Find out how they were assembled