The Virgin standing in a Niche

This work and Saint Luke painting the Virgin and Child are the outer and inner faces of the right shutter of an altarpiece. No other elements of this altarpiece are known but the central panel probably showed the Virgin and Child enthroned, as in Saint Luke’s picture. The lost left outer face probably represented a full-length figure of Christ.

The Virgin stands in a niche weeping and folding her hands in prayer. She is similar to the various half-length Virgins from the Massys workshop who are often paired with images of Christ.

Key facts

Artist dates
1465/6 - 1530
Full title
The Virgin standing in a Niche
Date made
about 1520?
Medium and support
Oil on oak
114.8 × 35.2 cm
Acquisition credit
Presented by Henry Wagner, 1924
Inventory number
Location in Gallery

Other paintings in the group: Panel from a Triptych

Workshop of Quinten Massys
about 1520?
Follower of Quinten Massys: 'Saint Luke painting the Virgin and Child'