Dutch Vessels lying Inshore in a Calm, one Saluting

To the right is a 'kaag' - a Dutch vessel with a straight raking stern and clinker-built. On the extreme left is a 'weyschuit' - small Dutch open boat with a straight raking stern, usually rigged with a sprit. A little further out is a states yacht ('statenjacht'), a type of vessel used by the Chamber of Representatives (States General) to transport its own members and visiting dignitaries.

This seascape was painted partly in the van de Velde studio in 1660. The figures may be the work of Hendrick Dubbels, whose work is also represented in the National Gallery's Collection ('A Dutch Yacht and Other Vessels Becalmed near the Shore').

Key facts

Artist dates
1633 - 1707
Full title
Dutch Vessels lying Inshore in a Calm, one Saluting
Date made
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
54.6 x 69.5 cm
Inscription summary
Signed; Dated
Acquisition credit
Presented by the Misses Rachel F. and Jean I. Alexander; entered the collection in 1972
Inventory number
Location in Gallery