Soldiers fighting over Booty in a Barn

Duyster's treatment of the subject is meant to be satirical. The soldiers, who are fighting over the distribution of booty, are dressed in elaborate finery entirely unsuited to the battlefield. For example, one would not expect the pink clothing of the man on the left to appear in a serious fight. 

Willem Duyster was a painter from Amsterdam who specialised in small-scale portraits and genre paintings. Duyster is an adopted surname, a pun on the name of his house, 'De Duystere Wereld' (the dark world).

Key facts

Artist dates
1599 - 1635
Full title
Soldiers fighting over Booty in a Barn
Date made
about 1623-4
Medium and support
Oil on oak
37.6 x 57 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1893
Inventory number
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