Two Men playing Tric-trac, with a Woman scoring

The men are playing tric-trac (a form of backgammon), and a woman is scoring on the side of the board with a piece of chalk. On the right, a wood stove diffuses heat into the room. It is not clear whether this is a simple scene from everyday life, or a representation of gambling as a symbol of idleness and mortality. Thin bright brushstrokes render the shimmering effect of the figures’ silk clothes. Duyster signed the painting on the carpet border. There is a similar painting by Duyster of tric-trac players in Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum).

Key facts

Artist dates
1599 - 1635
Full title
Two Men playing Tric-trac, with a Woman scoring
Date made
about 1625-30
Medium and support
Oil on oak
41 x 67.6 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1893
Inventory number
Location in Gallery