Landscape with a Man scooping Water from a Stream

This picture, like Poussin's 'Landscape with Travellers Resting', also in the Collection, was probably executed for Cassiano dal Pozzo, a friend and patron of Poussin, or for Cassiano's younger brother, Carlo Antonio. Labels and seals on the backs record that in 1739 Cosimo Antonio dal Pozzo, descended from Cassiano's brother and heir, gave the two pictures to his daughter. Although the two landscapes look well as a pair, they were probably not made as pendants (to be hung together) and were probably executed a year or two apart. At least one other similar landscape by Poussin is known.

In contrast to much of Poussin's work, the pictures do not seem to be based on any literary sources. They are lucidly composed studies based on the countryside around Rome where Poussin often sketched.

Key facts

Artist dates
1594 - 1665
Full title
Landscape with a Man scooping Water from a Stream
Date made
about 1637
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
63 x 77.7 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1970
Inventory number
Location in Gallery