The Dance of Miriam

During the exodus from Egypt, the Red Sea parted for the fleeing Israelites, and closed again to drown Pharaoh's pursuing army. Miriam and other Israelite women danced to celebrate this escape. Old Testament (Exodus 15: 20-21). Moses is in the foreground to the right.

Both this painting and 'The Isrealites gathering Manna' are probably two of the eight Old Testament pictures by Costa which were recorded in the ducal collections in Mantua in 1665.

This painting is the first in the narrative.

Key facts

Artist dates
1470 - about 1536
Full title
The Dance of Miriam
Date made
probably 1500-3
Medium and support
Glue tempera on linen
119.3 x 78.7 cm
Acquisition credit
Layard Bequest, 1916
Inventory number
Location in Gallery

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