Saint Giles and the Deer

The picture probably shows the King of France kneeling with a bishop to ask forgiveness of Saint Giles. A member of the Royal Hunt had shot at Saint Giles' companion hind (deer), but injured the saint, who was protecting her.

This and The Mass of Saint Giles are part of an altarpiece which included 'Episodes from the Life of a Bishop Saint' and the 'Baptism of Clovis' (both in Washington). There has been general agreement that the four panels were painted in Paris in 1500.

Key facts

Artist dates
active about 1500
Full title
Saint Giles and the Deer
Date made
about 1500
Medium and support
Oil on oak
63.4 × 48.4 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1894
Inventory number
Location in Gallery

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Master of Saint Giles
about 1500
Master of Saint Giles: 'The Mass of Saint Giles'