Recognising saints: animals and the body

Attributes are symbols which are used by artists to represent particular saints. They are often drawn from an event in the saint's life.

Test your knowledge – can you identify the saints below from their symbols?  


Detail from Paolo Uccello, 'Saint George and the Dragon', about 1470
Which saint is famous for slaying a dragon?
Detail from German, South, 'Saint John on Patmos', about 1460-70
Which saint is often symbolised by an eagle?
Detail from Hans Memling, 'Saint John the Baptist', about 1480
Discover which saint is traditionally represented by a lamb
Detail from Bono da Ferrara, Saint Jerome in a Landscape, about 1440
Find out which saint pulled a thorn from a lion's paw

The body

Detail from Carlo Crivelli, 'Saint Lucy', about 1476
Who removed her eyes to avoid marriage to a pagan?
Detail from Botticelli, 'Saint Francis of Assisi with Angels', about 1475-80
Which saint was miraculously marked by the stigmata during a vision?
Detail from Lucas Cranach the Elder: 'Saints Genevieve and Apollonia  from The St Catherine Altarpiece: Reverses of Shutters', 1506
Find out which saint had her teeth extracted as part of her martyrdom

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