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Artist name
Caspar Netscher: 'Portrait of a Lady and a Girl'
Caspar Netscher
1635/6 - 1684
Spanish: 'A Man and a Child eating Grapes'
probably 19th century
Raphael: 'The Crucified Christ with the Virgin, Saints and Angels'
about 1502-3
1483 - 1520
Jean-Etienne Liotard: 'Portrait of a Grand Vizir (?)'
Jean-Etienne Liotard
about 1738-43
1702 - 1789
After Correggio: 'The Agony in the Garden'
After Correggio
probably about 1640-1750
active 1494; died 1534
about 1385 - 1437
Studio of Claude: 'Landscape with the Death of Procris'
Studio of Claude
about 1647
1604/5? - 1682
1577 - 1640
Johann Rottenhammer: 'The Coronation of the Virgin'
Johann Rottenhammer
probably 1596-1606
1564 - 1625
Master of the Judgement of Paris: 'The Abduction of Helen'
Master of the Judgement of Paris
about 1440-50
active first half of the 15th century