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Artist name
1815 - 1905
John Lewis Brown: 'The Performing Dog'
John Lewis Brown
probably about 1860-90
1829 - 1890
Attributed to Jacopo di Antonio (Master of Pratovecchio?): 'Gabriel: Frame Roundel (left)'
Probably by Jacopo di Antonio (Master of Pratovecchio?)
about 1450?
David Teniers the Younger: 'Autumn'
David Teniers the Younger
about 1644
Bronzino: 'The Madonna and Child with Saints'
probably about 1540
1503 - 1572
After Gentile Bellini: 'Doge Niccolò Marcello'
After Gentile Bellini
after 1474
active about 1460; died 1507
Attributed to Ridolfo Ghirlandaio: 'Portrait of Girolamo Benivieni'
Probably by Ridolfo Ghirlandaio
probably about 1510-20
1483 - 1561
Francesco Guardi: 'Venice: Piazza San Marco'
Francesco Guardi
about 1760
1712 - 1793
After Padovanino: 'Cornelia and her Sons'
After Padovanino
17th century
1588 - 1648
Nicolas de Largillierre: 'Portrait of a Man'
Nicolas de Largillierre
probably 1710