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Artist name
Imitator of Raphael: 'Portrait of a Young Man'
Imitator of Raphael
early 16th and late 19th century
1483 - 1520
Italian, Florentine (?): 'Head of The Dying Alexander'
Italian, Florentine (?)
17th-18th century
After Wallerant Vaillant: 'A Boy seated Drawing'
After Wallerant Vaillant
probably 1700-1800
1623 - 1677
Style of Bernardo Bellotto: 'A Caprice Landscape with Ruins'
Style of Bernardo Bellotto
1722 - 1780
Imitator of Aelbert Cuyp: 'A Herdsman with Seven Cows by a River'
Imitator of Aelbert Cuyp
probably about 1750-1800
1620 - 1691
After Anthony van Dyck: 'Portrait of the Artist'
After Anthony van Dyck
about 1750-1825
1599 - 1641
Alexandre-Hyacinthe Dunouy: 'Panoramic View of the Bay of Naples'
Alexandre-Hyacinthe Dunouy
about 1783-9 or 1810-15
Attributed to Georges Michel: 'Landscape with Trees, Buildings and a Road'
Possibly by Georges Michel
1763 - 1843
Attributed to Jean-Joseph-Xavier Bidauld: 'Buildings by a Weir in a Mountainous Valley'
Probably by Jean-Joseph-Xavier Bidauld
around 1800
Imitator of Jean-Siméon Chardin: 'Still Life with Bottle, Glass and Loaf'
Imitator of Jean-Siméon Chardin
19th century
1699 - 1779
Imitator of Gustave Courbet: 'Landscape'
Imitator of Gustave Courbet
19th century
1819 - 1877
Simon Denis: 'Sunset in the Roman Campagna'
Simon Denis
about 1800
1755 - 1813
Dutch (?): 'A White House among Trees'
Dutch (?)
19th century
French: 'A Black Woman'
19th century
French: 'A Struggle in a Desert'
19th century
French: 'An Académie'
probably 1800-50
French: 'An Académie'
early 19th century
French: 'An Allegory'
19th century
Attributed to French: 'Fame'
Probably French
? 19th century
Imitator of Francesco Guardi: 'A Ruin Caprice'
Imitator of Francesco Guardi
19th century
1712 - 1793
Imitator of Francesco Guardi: 'A Ruin Caprice'
Imitator of Francesco Guardi
19th century
1712 - 1793
Image unavailable
Imitator of Francesco Guardi
19th century
1712 - 1793
Imitator of Francesco Guardi: 'Venice: Entrance to the Cannaregio'
Imitator of Francesco Guardi
probably 19th century
1712 - 1793
Italian: 'Portrait of a Woman'
19th century
Italian: 'Portrait of a Young Man'
19th century
Italian, Roman: 'The Water of Life'
Italian, Roman
probably 19th century
After Stefano Maderno: 'Hercules and Antaeus'
After Stefano Maderno
19th century?
1576 - 1636
Spanish: 'A Man and a Child eating Grapes'
probably 19th century
After Jacopo Tintoretto: 'The Miracle of Saint Mark'
After Jacopo Tintoretto
probably 19th century
about 1518 - 1594
Andries Vermeulen: 'A Scene on the Ice'
Andries Vermeulen
about 1800
1763 - 1814
George Augustus Wallis: 'Rocks, Tree Trunks and Branches'
George Augustus Wallis
about 1800
Joseph Mallord William Turner: 'Dutch Boats in a Gale ('The Bridgewater Sea Piece')'
Joseph Mallord William Turner
John Hoppner: 'Sir George Beaumont'
John Hoppner
1758 - 1810
Sir Thomas Lawrence, 'Portrait of the Hon. Emily Mary Lamb (1787‑1869), later Countess Cowper and Viscountess Palmerston', 1803
Sir Thomas Lawrence
1769 - 1830
Joseph Mallord William Turner: 'Calais Pier'
Joseph Mallord William Turner
After Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: 'The Birth of the Virgin'
After Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
after 1804
Francisco de Goya: 'Doña Isabel de Porcel'
Francisco de Goya
before 1805
1746 - 1828
Joseph Mallord William Turner: 'Sun Rising through Vapour'
Joseph Mallord William Turner
before 1807
Jacques-Antoine Vallin: 'Dr Forlenze'
Jacques-Antoine Vallin
about 1760 - about 1835
Attributed to François-Marius Granet: 'View of the Falls at Tivoli'
Probably by François-Marius Granet
about 1808-10