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Artist name
Imitator of Raphael: 'Portrait of a Young Man'
Imitator of Raphael
early 16th and late 19th century
1483 - 1520
Italian, Florentine (?): 'Head of The Dying Alexander'
Italian, Florentine (?)
17th-18th century
After Rosalba Giovanna Carriera: 'Rosalba Carriera'
After Rosalba Carriera
18th century
1673 - 1757
Italian: 'A Female Figure resting on a Sword'
probably 18th century
Italian, Roman: 'Crane, Python and Lizard'
Italian, Roman
probably 18th century
After Frans van Mieris the Elder: 'An Old Fiddler'
After Frans van Mieris the Elder
probably 18th century
Imitator of Jean-Baptiste Pater: 'The Dance'
Imitator of Jean-Baptiste Pater
18th century
1695 - 1736
After Nicolas Poussin (?): 'The Holy Family with Saints Elizabeth and John'
After Nicolas Poussin (?)
18th century
1594 - 1665
Style of Salvator Rosa: 'A Coastal Scene'
Style of Salvator Rosa
probably 18th century
1615 - 1673
After Massimo Stanzione: 'Monks and Holy Women mourning over the Dead Christ'
After Massimo Stanzione
18th century or earlier
about 1585? - 1656
After Wallerant Vaillant: 'A Boy seated Drawing'
After Wallerant Vaillant
probably 1700-1800
1623 - 1677
After Jean-Antoine Watteau: 'Perfect Harmony'
After Jean-Antoine Watteau
18th century
1684 - 1721
Style of Bernardo Bellotto: 'A Caprice Landscape with Ruins'
Style of Bernardo Bellotto
1722 - 1780
Imitator of Aelbert Cuyp: 'A Herdsman with Seven Cows by a River'
Imitator of Aelbert Cuyp
probably about 1750-1800
1620 - 1691
After Anthony van Dyck: 'Portrait of the Artist'
After Anthony van Dyck
about 1750-1825
1599 - 1641
Attributed to Jean-Honoré Fragonard: 'Interior Scene'
late 18th century
Jean-Baptiste Greuze: 'A Child with an Apple'
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
late 18th century
1725 - 1805
NG1154 Jean-Baptiste Greuze, A Girl with a Lamb, late 18th century
Jean-Baptiste Greuze
late 18th century
1725 - 1805
Follower of Jean-Baptiste Greuze: 'A Girl'
Follower of Jean-Baptiste Greuze
late 18th century
1725 - 1805
Possibly by Claude-Joseph Vernet
later 18th century
1714 - 1789
Alexandre-Hyacinthe Dunouy: 'Panoramic View of the Bay of Naples'
Alexandre-Hyacinthe Dunouy
about 1783-9 or 1810-15
Francisco de Goya: 'A Picnic'
Francisco de Goya
1746 - 1828
Attributed to Georges Michel: 'Landscape with Trees, Buildings and a Road'
Possibly by Georges Michel
1763 - 1843
Simon Denis: 'A Torrent at Tivoli'
Simon Denis
about 1789-93
1755 - 1813
Simon Denis: 'View of the Cascades at Tivoli'
Simon Denis
about 1789-93
1755 - 1813
Sir Henry Raeburn: ''The Archers''
Sir Henry Raeburn
about 1789-90
1756 - 1823
Sir Thomas Lawrence: 'John Julius Angerstein, aged about 55'
Sir Thomas Lawrence
about 1790
1769 - 1830
1753 - 1809
Attributed to Joseph Ducreux: 'Portrait of a Man'
Possibly by Joseph Ducreux
possibly 1791
1735 - 1802
Paulus Theodorus van Brussel: 'Flowers in a Vase'
Paulus Theodorus van Brussel
Sir Martin Archer Shee: 'Mr Lewis as the Marquis in 'The Midnight Hour''
Sir Martin Archer Shee
before 1792
Thomas Kerrich: 'Distant View of Lowestoft from the South'
Thomas Kerrich
perhaps 1794
1748 - 1828
Heinrich Wilhelm Schweickhardt: 'Cattle'
Heinrich Wilhelm Schweickhardt
George Augustus Wallis, View of the Roman Campagna, 1788–1806
George Augustus Wallis
Jacques-Louis David
1748 - 1825
Ramsay Richard Reinagle: 'Mountainous Landscape with Ruins and Buildings'
Ramsay Richard Reinagle
Ramsay Richard Reinagle: 'The Aurelian Wall, Rome'
Ramsay Richard Reinagle
about 1796
Francisco de Goya: 'A Scene from 'The Forcibly Bewitched''
Francisco de Goya
1746 - 1828
Francisco de Goya: 'Don Andrés del Peral'
Francisco de Goya
before 1798
1746 - 1828
Louis-Léopold Boilly
after 1799
1761 - 1845