A Boy seated Drawing

The boy is reading, having put down the book at his feet in which he was drawing a cast of the Christ Child from Michelangelo's statue of the Virgin and Child (Bruges, Notre Dame), known as 'The Bruges Madonna'.

Vaillant depicted the theme of a young artist sketching on several occasions. This is probably an early copy of a painting by Vaillant in the Louvre (Paris), although the attribution of the Louvre painting to Vaillant has been questioned.

Key facts

Artist dates
1623 - 1677
Full title
A Boy seated Drawing
Date made
probably 18th century
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
127 x 99.5 cm
Acquisition credit
Presented by Mr and Mrs J.G. Lousada through the Art Fund to the Tate Gallery, 1921; transferred, 1922
Inventory number
Location in Gallery