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Women and the Arts Forum Conference 2024

Widening the Narrative

Historically, women artists and their achievements have been overlooked, marginalised or omitted from mainstream art discourse. By acknowledging and studying women’s roles in art, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of artistic development, challenge traditional narratives and promote gender equality in the art world. Additionally, recognising women’s contributions enriches our appreciation of diverse perspectives and influences on artistic expression throughout history.

The Women and the Arts Forum Conference 2024 was a significant addition to the National Gallery’s bicentenary celebrations that focused on women artists, copyists, dealers and artists-in-residence. With two key areas of exploration, the conference delved into rethinking the dialogue and curation around ‘women artists’, while also highlighting the pivotal role women have played in shaping both the Gallery’s rich past and the broader landscape of art history.

Speakers included Paris Spies-Gans, Eliza Goodpasture, Jon King, Amy Mechowski, Flavia Frigeri, Annette Wickham, Tabitha Barber, Sarah Herring, Isobel Muir, Annabel Bai Jackson, Priyesh Mistry, Céline Condorelli, Marina Warner and Lauren Elkin.

The conference was held on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at the Society of Antiquaries, London, as well as online. 

Download the Conference Programme

Women and the Arts Forum Conference 2024 – Programme [PDF, 2.05MB]



The Women and the Arts Conference is generously supported by the Diane Apostolos-Cappadona Trust in honour of Stacia Apostolos.