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In March 2021 Art in Flux presented 'Art in Flux: Reclaimed', an online talk held in collaboration with National Gallery X.

Art in Flux provides a bridge between media artists and established art institutions, reclaiming visibility for diverse voices within the art world.

This event, curated by Art in Flux, invited curators and activists to discuss platform cultivation, art communities and reclaiming spaces for underrepresented groups. The event posed the question, What role can independent art organisations play to facilitate greater representation? The event also saw the launch of ‘Art in Flux: Reclaimed’, a virtual exhibition that celebrates innovative media artists and showcases underrepresented artists, such as Women in Tech, LGBTQ+, BAME and neurodiverse artists. The exhibition, supported by Arts Council England, features work by Aminder Virdee, Aphra Shemza & Stuart Batchelor, Camiller Baker, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Enrique Agudo, Kimatica Studio, Natasha Trotman, Olive Gingrish & Shama Rahman and Ro Greengrass.

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  • Aphra Shemza | Curator and Co-Founder of Art in Flux and multidisciplinary artist working with light, abstraction and interactivity
  • Maria Almena | Curator and Co-Founder of Art in Flux, multidisciplinary artist, curator at Breaking Convention and Creative Director at Kimatica Studio
  • Olive Gingrich | Curator and Co-Founder of Art in Flux, member of art collective Analema Group, and multidisciplinary artist working with photography, digital art and holographic projection
  • Aminder Virdee | Artist, activist, writer, consultant and trustee at Attitude is Everything
  • Ashokkumar Mistry | Writer and interdisciplinary visual artist visual working with digital and sculptural mediums and performance art
  • Helen Starr | Cultural activist, curator producer and founder of The Mechatronic Library
  • Hosted by Ali Hossaini | Co-director of NGX

What is National Gallery X?

National Gallery X (NGX) is a partnership between the National Gallery and King's College London. It brings together King's College London’s research with the art and audiences of the Gallery to create the new museum experiences technology could make possible in the future.

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