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Paintings for storytelling

  1. Paintings for storytelling
  2. Learning to tell the story
  3. Building fluency
  4. Innovating the story

Innovating the story

Use the original plot as a basis for creating a new story. This can be done in different ways:

  • Substitution – retell the same story but change names of characters, places, objects
  • Addition – retell the same story but embellish
  • Alteration – make changes that have consequences such as altering the setting, the nature of a character, dialogue, key events or even changing the ending
  • Change the viewpoint – retell from a different character’s viewpoint
  • Recycle the plot – create a totally new story but just use the basic plot pattern or story idea

Draw and annotate new story maps. Children work in pairs to tell and retell their stories, crafting the language as the new plot becomes familiar. Use shared writing to demonstrate how to craft the language before the children write their own journey stories.

Stories for use in the classroom

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