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Key dates

Take One Picture projects can take place throughout the year, with CPD days running from October to April and submissions opening the following October.

Here are some key dates for the current focus paintings:

2022 focus painting: Orazio Gentileschi, 'The Finding of Moses'

Stage 1: CPD sessions are taking place during Spring 2021

Stage 2: You have until October 2021 to complete your project 

Stage 3: The submission portal will open from 1–31 October 2021   

Stage 4: The exhibition will take place in Summer 2022 

View the painting online

Download Teachers' notes

2021 focus painting: Paolo Uccello, 'The Battle of San Romano'

Stage 3: The submission portal for projects has now closed 

Stage 4: The exhibition will take place in Summer 2021  

Download Teachers notes 

View the painting online

2020 focus painting: George Bellows, 'Men of the Docks'

Submit your project to Take One Picture 2021
You have until 4 January 2021 to submit your project
How to submit