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What this means for our email and postal subscribers

This section contains additional information specific to our email and postal subscribers (whether initially subscribing via the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery or National Gallery Global Limited) and must be read in conjunction with our General Privacy Notice.

You can sign up to our email updates via our website, Wi-Fi, and data kiosks.

If you belong to a relevant professional group, you may also be invited to sign up for email updates and invites from our Research Centre, Press and Marketing teams, or Subject Specialist Network.

If you’re a Member or Supporter please see the sections What this means for our Members and/or What this means for our donors, patrons, and potential supporters to find out more about email communications which are specific to those groups.

We only collect information that is necessary to keep you informed about the Gallery and its activities. Please see our General Privacy Notice for details of the personal information we may collect from you as an email subscriber.

In addition to the personal information listed in our General Privacy Notice, we will only process the following additional personal information if we have a legal basis for doing so under current UK data protection law:

Where we have your consent to process your information

We will communicate with you by email in accordance with your preferences. Email updates may include:

  • information about our collection, merchandise, events, courses, talks, Membership, changes to our services, offers and products available in our shops, café and restaurant, and ways to support the Gallery. We may occasionally include selected information about events at other organisations. We will endeavour to ensure that these products are of interest to you and within your reasonable expectations to receive as part of a Gallery mailing communication;
  • email reminders – for example, if you started to book a ticket for an exhibition but did not complete the purchase;
  • events and news for people working in UK museums and galleries (if you’re part of our Subject Specialist Network);
  • events and news about our research activities, including research seminars and conferences (if you have signed up to our Research updates); or
  • if you’re interested in our British Sign Language talks, and Family events, or hiring the Gallery as a venue, you can also let us know via our email preference centre and we’ll send you emails about these topics too.

Where processing your information is necessary for our legitimate interests, for example to:

  • invite you to take part in surveys, to improve the Gallery’s experience and product offering; or
  • send marketing materials to you by post (subject to any objection from you to marketing by post and the Mail Preference Service (‘MPS’).

Our communications with you as an email subscriber

We are committed to communicating with you using an approach that is right for you. This means we carefully manage the communications we send you to make sure that we are contacting you in the most relevant way.

We analyse what we know about your previous orders, interests, preferences, and interactions with our website(s) and marketing emails, so we can target communications we send and contact you in the most appropriate way, and with the most relevant information.

Examples of communications that use profiling in this manner include some email updates, pre- and post-visit emails, abandon browse, abandon basket, and postal communications.

You do have the right to object to us combining and analysing information in this way. If you do not want to receive personalised communications, please contact and we will stop dealing with your data in this way and sending you personalised communications.

Changing your email preferences

You can change your email preferences or unsubscribe at any time by:

If you are a Member or have an account with the Gallery you will continue to receive service communications that you cannot opt out of.

How long do we keep your information?

Where you ask us to stop contacting you for marketing purposes, we are required to keep a minimal amount of your personal information (your name and email address) to help us make sure that we do not continue to contact you. These details are kept securely.