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Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo

about 1612/16; died 1667

Mazo was the son-in-law of Velázquez and succeeded him as court painter (Pintor de Cámara) to Philip IV of Spain. Only two signed works by Mazo are known, one of them, 'Queen Mariana in Mourning', is in the Collection.

Mazo was born in the province of Cuenca, probably at Beteta. He married Velázquez's daughter in 1633, and had probably entered the studio of Velázquez about 1630. He assisted Velázquez in the production of court portraits, working in an approximation of his father-in-law's style, and was painter to Philip's son, Prince Balthasar Carlos (died 1646). Because his style derives from that of Velázquez it is difficult to attribute paintings to Mazo with certainty; there is a tendency to credit him with works not thought good enough to be by Velázquez himself. The painting of the artist and his family in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum) is reasonably attributed to him.

He was succeeded as Pintor de Cámara by Juan Carreño, who produced copies of Mazo's popular picture of Queen Mariana.