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Jacopo de' Barbari

active 1500; died 1516?

Jacopo de' Barbari, or Jacob Walch, is an artist of obscure origins, referred to as Venetian, but whether by birth or adoption is unknown. He was known for his prints, including his famous woodcut, the 'Bird's-eye View of Venice' of 1500. His works include one of the earliest known trompe-l'œil still lifes.

He was born about 1450 and may have been in contact with Dürer when the German artist first visited Venice in 1494. In 1500 Barbari was working in Dürer's home town, Nuremberg, as painter to the emperor. Barbari subsequently worked at other German courts and ultimately in the Netherlands, in the service of Mary of Austria.

His paintings, bearing dates from 1500 onwards, show Venetian influence as well as knowledge of the work of Dürer and Cranach.