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20. Is it not dangerous to move the painting between London to Edinburgh?

There are always risks in moving works of art but our conservators believe that 'Diana and Actaeon' can travel safely, especially if special precautions are taken with regard to packing and transport.

21. Should NGS not be supporting young artists from Scotland rather than Old Masters from Italy?

It is important to support both. The National Galleries of Scotland have many initiatives to encourage and acquire work by Scotland’s young masters. Many young contemporary artists however are greatly inspired by Old Masters and the Scottish art community has been incredibly supportive of this campaign.

22. How much has NGS saved the Duke in conservation, insurance and security costs over the years by housing them on public display in the Gallery?

These costs cannot be quantified over the years and are more than set off by the public benefit. Both NGS and NGL have works on loan from private owners and these allow us to enhance the displays for the public.

23. Who made the decision to buy this work and did the Galleries explore other possibilities, such as buying the entire collection?

NGS and NGL explored various options and, in consultation with the owner, it was agreed that a partnership between NGL and NGS to acquire two of the finest works in the Bridgewater Collection was the most sensible and viable option.

24. What happens if the Duke dies?

Any contract between the NGS, NGL and the Duke will be binding to his estate.

25. What happens to the rest of the pictures on loan?

The Duke very much wants the rest of the collection to remain on public display, and an agreement has been put in place to secure the wider Bridgewater Collection for at least another 21 years.

26. What is the fundraising strategy for 'Diana and Callisto'? When will you start fundraising? Are you launching a public campaign for it?

NGL and NGS have four years within which to commit to acquiring 'Diana and Callisto'. Our first task will be to evaluate the campaign for 'Diana and Actaeon' and then formulate the campaign strategy for 'Diana and Callisto'.

It is too soon to say when we will begin fundraising for 'Diana and Callisto' and whether we will launch a public campaign. It is also important that we take the time first to thank and recognise all those who have helped us secure 'Diana and Actaeon'.