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Gender Equality Scheme

  1. Interim Gender Equality Scheme
  2. Equal pay
  3. Training and development

Training and development

The Gallery provides diversity training with the aim of raising staff awareness across all diversity strands. Additionally, more in depth diversity training is provided to those with key management responsibilities such as recruitment.

We will provide diversity awareness training as a regular feature of the corporate training and development programme and introduce required training for senior staff and staff with particular responsibility for working with the public, and for managing and working with others. Additionally, we will put in place a range of self managed learning resources on equality issues, including gender.

As part of the improvement of monitoring arrangements we will also collect and analyse data concerning access to training.

Initial priorities for action

This section outlines the initial action plan:

  • Standard inclusion to be prepared and included in new job descriptions - all staff to be reminded of their responsibility to act in ways which support equality and value diversity

  • Equality monitoring and reporting system to be established

  • Equal Pay Audit to be further developed

  • Initial impact assessment to be undertaken of key employment policies and procedures

  • Arrangements for raising and investigating complaints to be reviewed

  • Further development of diversity training including the introduction of self-managed learning resources and guidance concerning language usage

  • Review of the Access Group including role, composition and title

Monitoring and review of progress

The Planning Group, Management Committee and National Gallery Consultative Committee will receive updates on an annual basis. A summary will be posted on the intranet and included in the Annual Report.

The action plan is not viewed as a static entity but rather one that will change over time, in response to business needs. Following the development of the initial action plan, it is anticipated that a first review take place towards the end of 2008. In line with the Equality Act a more formal review, with the input of appropriate stakeholders, will take place in 2010.

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