Recognising saints: objects

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Attributes are symbols which are used by artists to represent particular saints. They are often drawn from an event in the saint's life.

Test your knowledge – can you identify the saints below from their objects?

  1. Discover which saint is commonly represented by a book and sword
  2. Which saint had a candle which was reputed to have healed many people?
  3. Which saint was killed by assassins on his way to Milan?
  4. Find out which saint gave a gift of three golden balls
  5. Which saint is traditionally represented by keys?
  6. Find out which saint declared her devotion to Christ through music
  7. Discover which saint anointed Christ's feet
  8. Which saint gave her veil to Christ as he carried his cross to Calvary?
  9. Find out which saint was tortured on a wheel for refusing to renounce her faith

Many saints are represented by objects. Others are represented by animals or parts of the body:

More attributes – animals and the body