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Jan van Huysum: 'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase'

The flowers, as is common in van Huysum's pictures, are of different seasons and most of them are depicted larger than their natural size. The arrangement includes peonies, poppies, blue iris, African marigolds, apple blossom, narcissi, marigolds, tulips, jacinths, roses, ranunculuses and auriculas. The vase is decorated with putti in low relief. At the base of the vase are more roses, carnations, convolvulus, grapes, peaches and a chaffinch's nest.

The two dates on the inscription may be explained because van Huysum delayed completing his painting until particular flowers were in bloom. This is one of the most complex and largest paintings of this type by the artist. The perspective of the vase suggests that the painting was intended to be hung high.

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