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Govert Flinck: 'Self Portrait aged 24'

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Flinck was a pupil of Rembrandt and this self portrait in terms of the costume, lighting and pose is conceived in a Rembrandtesque manner, e.g. Rembrandt's 'Self Portrait Aged 34', also in the National Gallery's Collection. The Rembrandt painting is dated 1640, but the etching on which it is based is dated 1639. Flinck was responding immediately to Rembrandt's development of a new self portrait type. In the past the sitter was identified as Rembrandt, but it is now considered as a Flinck self portrait; the identification is based on comparison of the sitter with other self portraits by the artist, such as that engraved by Abraham Blootelingh (1640 - 1690).

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