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Bernardo Bellotto: 'Venice: The Grand Canal facing Santa Croce'
To the right of the Grand Canal is the Church of S. Croce. In the distance are the dome of S. Simeone Piccolo and, beyond, the campanile of S. Geremia. On the left is the church of Corpus Domini, and nearer the centre S. Lucia and the Scalzi. On the left is the 'burchiello', the passenger barge which plied between Venice and Padua.

In spite of the correlation between this work and a drawing by Canaletto, this painting is not considered a product of his studio; it is a pastiche in Canaletto's manner, perhaps executed after his death. This is possibly an early work by Bernardo Bellotto, Canaletto's nephew.

The composition is derived from a drawing by Canaletto (Windsor, Royal Collection, probably mid 1730s); an engraving by Visentini shows a similar view. The right half of this composition appears in another work in the Collection, 'Venice: The Grand Canal facing Santa Croce' which may be by the same artist.

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