I.T.E., Initial Teacher Education.  The National Gallery, London.
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 Student Project Space.
This web tool enables ITE students who have been part of the National Gallery Cultural Placement scheme to document and showcase their own creative Schemes of Work. Each Scheme of Work is based around a selected picture from either the National Gallery or their local collection. Students are asked to focus on one subject area, but to make suggestions for further cross-curricular work. For those who have had the opportunity to try out their Schemes of Work in the classroom there is space to attach evidence of their outcomes in the form of digital images.

Students participating in the placement scheme will be registered and given an online working space which they can access using their personal email address and a password. Students are encouraged to use their online Schemes of Work as part of their university assignments and tutors may also access the student space in order to make comments on work in progress. Students may submit their Scheme to the National Gallery in order to ask for help from Gallery staff. Once a scheme has been completed (a scheme will only be recognised as complete when all fields marked with an * have been filled in) it can be submitted to the Gallery for publication on the National Gallery site.

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