Read a set of policies covering a range of activities involved in the day-to-day running of the Gallery
This statement outlines the Gallery's commitment to provide the widest possible access to its collection.
National Gallery Exterior with Banners
The National Gallery's Acquisitions Policy
National Gallery Exterior with Banners
Read the National Gallery Carbon Management Plan
The National Gallery's Disability Equality scheme outlines work to make the collection accessible to the widest range of people.
NG3126 Rosalba Carriera, Portrait of a Man on display in room 39
The National Gallery's Display Policy (Permanent Collection)
Catalogue entry
The National Gallery's Documentation Policy
Visitor in Making Colour exhibition
The National Gallery's Exhibitions Policy
Outline of the National Gallery's commitments to freedom of information and how to make a request for information.
This scheme sets out the Gallery's objectives and commitments to gender equality in employment.
Published immunity from seizure information for paintings in National Gallery exhibitions
National Museum Directors' Conference loan standards for borrowers and lenders
The National Gallery's Loans out policy
A list of National Gallery risk management policies.
National Gallery Exterior with Banners
The National Gallery's Safeguarding Policy
Catena, 'Saint Jerome in his Study'
Read the National Gallery's Statement of Public Task