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Until 27 June 2021

Location: Room 30

Admission free

Rosalind Nashashibi, the 2020 National Gallery Artist in Residence, responds to the passion and emotional drama of the National Gallery’s 17th-century Spanish paintings.

Since the start of her year-long residency, Nashashibi has had the opportunity to work in the National Gallery’s on-site artist’s studio, benefitting from the close proximity to the Gallery’s collection.

‘An Overflow of Passion and Sentiment’ presents Nashashibi’s paintings alongside works of art by Diego Velázquez, Jusepe de Ribera and Francisco de Zurbarán.

Nashashibi is interested in how the 17th-century paintings by these artists use figures and motifs to communicate their stories. Selecting elements from these historic works, alongside other sources including film, literature, art history and her own life story, the artist explores how motifs take on new meanings when placed in different contexts.

During her residency, the circular arena at the centre of Velázquez’s painting of boar hunting, known in Spanish as La Tela Real (‘The Royal Canvas’), took on particular significance for the artist. In her works, the idea of the canvas – both as a picture surface and as an arena – becomes a metaphor for painting as a stage for the imagination.

The National Gallery Artist in Residence is a collaboration with the Contemporary Art Society, generously supported by Anna Yang and Joseph Schull, who will acquire a work from the Residency for the National Gallery’s project partner, the Pier Art Centre, Orkney.

Programme sponsored by Hiscox

Rosalind Nashashibi catalogue
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'Unexpected views'
Rosalind Nashashibi chats to curator Priyesh Mistry about Jusepe de Ribera
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