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2017 exhibitions

Maíno's Adorations: Heaven on Earth 
Experience two outstanding masterpieces by Spanish painter Maíno, on display in the UK for the first time 
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Australia's Impressionists 
Discover Australia’s significant and distinctive Impressionist movement in the first UK exhibition to focus on the subject 
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Cagnacci's Repentant Magdalene
Behold Cagnacci’s masterpiece, on display in the UK for the first time in over
thirty years 
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The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo & Sebastiano
Learn about the extraordinary artistic relationship between two great Renaissance masters, Sebastiano and Michelangelo, from the 1510s through to the 1540s 
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Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic
Turner Prize-winning artist Chris Ofili unveils a new work – see his first foray into the medium of tapestry
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Giovanni da Rimini: An Early 14th-Century Masterpiece Reunited 
Learn about a key moment in the history of art, when emphasis on observation and realism was born
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Reflections: Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites 
Discover how van Eyck’s 'Arnolfini Portrait' was one of the beacons by which the Pre-Raphaelites forged a radical new style of painting
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Monochrome: Painting in Black and White 
Explore the tradition of painting in black and white from its beginnings in the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and into the 21st century
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