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A 'Winter Landscape' by Caspar David Friedrich

John Leighton, Anthony Reeve and Aviva Burnstock
Technical Bulletin Volume 13, 1989


Winter Landscape, painted by Caspar David Friedrich in 1811, was documented by means of black and white, colour, raking light, X-radiography, infrared, and ultraviolet photography. The painting, on a fine linen canvas, had been lined twice; both linings had become brittle and required removal. There was some loose paint and some losses along the edges. After consolidation of the loose paint, the cleaning of the varnish layer was carried out (it appeared to be dammar resin); the old canvases were removed and the painting paste-lined on to a fine linen canvas and placed on a new stretcher. After varnishing with Ketone Resin-N, retouching was carried out in a medium of Paraloid B-72.


canvas, cleaning, consolidation, dammar, linen, paintings, Paraloid B-72, photography, removal, resin, varnish

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