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Two Panels by the Master of Saint Giles

David Bomford and Jo Kirby
Technical Bulletin Volume 1, 1977


This article deals with the cleaning, restoration and technical examination of two Early Netherlandish School paintings, Saint Giles and the Hind and The Mass of Saint Giles. The first section is concerned with the cleaning and restoration of both sides of each panel; there is a grisaille on each reverse. A brief survey is given of their previous condition and of various pentimenti revealed by infrared photography. The second section deals with a technical examination of the two works.

The chalk ground and build up of the paint in thin regular layers was thought, in general, to be typical of the Early Netherlandish School. Particular attention was paid to an area of green paint of a curtain in 'The Mass of Saint Giles', which showed signs of poor adhesion. A green, glaze-like lower layer was found and the author speculates as to its precise nature. In another area of the same picture, a tentative identification of some small particles is made which, if correct, represents a very early use of this pigment. Paint sections from both paintings were found to have a similar construction, but 'Saint Giles and the Hind' was somewhat less complex.


cleaning, MS2A, Netherlandish, panel paintings, Paraloid B72, resin

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