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Created only a couple of years apart in the 1760s, here we both hear and see everything in its right place; the precision and balance typical of chamber music of the period paired with an immaculate image of perfection that is Madame de Pompadour with her embroidery.

Joseph Haydn, 'String trio in C major', 1766

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The painting

With time on her hands, here we see Madame de Pompadour as if interrupted while embroidering. Despite her aristocratic status, the hobby is one that cuts across class - although with more humble equipment.

The elaborate setting is crowded but at the same time very neat. The objects around her have been selected and act almost as props to show her love of the arts, a mandolin lies on the floor, a sketch book leans against the table and we can see books in the golden Rococo case behind.

Her little dog, of course, steals the show.

London Philharmonic Orchestra musicians

Violins: Pieter Schoeman, Leader, Vesselin Gellev, Sub leader

Cello: Pei-Jee Ng, Co-principal

Pieter Schoeman's chair in the LPO is supported by Neil Westreich

Hear the music, see the paintings