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Technical Bulletin Volume 35

Technical Bulletin Volume 35

These articles were first published in print and have been made available to download from June 2016. This special edition is dedicated to the paintings of Joshua Reynolds in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection. The footnotes and bibliography for the entire Bulletin have been placed in a single PDF for download.


Joshua Reynolds in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection
Ashok Roy
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Joshua Reynolds at the National Gallery
Susan Foister
The National Gallery houses five pictures by Reynolds, all portraits. This introduction outlines the provenance of each of these pictures, and how they entered the National Gallery collection.

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Joshua Reynolds at the Wallace Collection
Lucy Davis
This essay traces how the Seymour-Conway family, Marquesses of Hertford, amassed a fine holding of 12 paintings by Reynolds over several generations – part of what is now known as The Wallace Collection.

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Practice Makes Imperfect: Reynolds's Painting Technique
Alexandra Gent, Ashok Roy and Rachel Morrison

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All catalogue entries by Alexandra Gent, Ashok Roy, and Rachel Morrison.

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Cat. 1: Captain Robert Orme, 1756 (NG 681)
Cat. 2: The 4th Duke of Queensberry ('Old Q') as Earl of March, 1759–60, The Wallace Collection (P561)
Cat. 3: Anne, 2nd Countess of Albemarle, about 1760 (NG 1259)
Cat. 4: Miss Nelly O'Brien, about 1762–4, The Wallace Collection (P38)
Cat. 5: Mrs Susanna Hoare and Child, 1763–4, The Wallace Collection (P32)
Cat. 6: The Strawberry Girl, after 1773, The Wallace Collection (P40)
Cat. 7: Lady Cockburn and her Three Eldest Sons, 1773 (NG 2077)
Cat. 8: Miss Jane Bowles, 1775–6, The Wallace Collection (P36)
Cat. 9: Mrs Elizabeth Carnac, 1775–6, The Wallace Collection (P35)
Cat. 10: Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness, after 1776, The Wallace Collection (P48)
Cat. 11: Mrs Mary Nesbitt, 1781, The Wallace Collection (P43)
Cat. 12: Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Conway and Frances, Countess of Lincoln, 1781–4, The Wallace Collection (P31 & P33)
Cat. 13: Colonel Tarleton, 1782 (NG 5985)
Cat 14: Mrs Mary Robinson ('Perdita'), 1783–4, The Wallace Collection (P45)
Cat 15: Lord Heathfield of Gibraltar, 1787 (NG 111)
Cat 16: Mrs Jane Braddyll, 1788, The Wallace Collection (P47)

Notes and Bibliography

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Image Resources and Supplementary Material (H3)

All of the high-resolution and other supporting images related to National Gallery Technical Bulletin Volume 35 can be accessed here

 All articles have been peer reviewed by specialists outside the National Gallery.

All contributors were members of the National Gallery or the Wallace Collection’s curatorial, conservation or scientific departments. This volume includes extensive results from the Wallace Collection Reynolds Research Project, generously supported by The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the Wallace Collection's Benefactors and donors.

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