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Technical Bulletin Volume 21

Technical Bulletin Volume 21, 2000

These articles were first published in print in 2000 and have been made available to download for free from 2011. 


'The Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels and Saints' attributed to Michael Pacher
Jill Dunkerton, Susan Foister and Marika Spring
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 20.76MB)

Occurrences of the Purple Pigment Fluorite on Paintings in the National Gallery
Marika Spring
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 6.36MB)

A Virgin and Child from the Workshop of Albrecht Dürer?
Paul Ackroyd, Susan Foister, Marika Spring, Raymond White and Rachel Billinge
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 9.03MB)

The Restoration of Lorenzo Monaco's 'Coronation of the Virgin': Retouching and Display
Paul Ackroyd, Larry Keith and Dillian Gordon
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 13.4MB)

The Restoration of Two Panels by Cima da Conegliano from the Wallace Collection
Jill Dunkerton
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 12.32MB)

The Discovery and Identification of an Original Varnish on a Panel by Carlo Crivelli
Jill Dunkerton and Raymond White
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 5.37MB)

Pollution and the National Gallery
David Saunders
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 8.76MB)

Pictures Cleaned and Restored in the Conservation Department of the National Gallery, October 1997 – January 2000
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 2.6MB)

All articles have been peer reviewed by specialists outside the National Gallery.

All contributors are members of the National Gallery’s curatorial, scientific or conservation departments, unless otherwise stated.

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