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Technical Bulletin Volume 16

Technical Bulletin Volume 16, 1995

These articles were first published in print in 1995 and have been made available to download for free from 2011.


Veronese's Paintings in the National Gallery, Technique and Materials: Part I
Nicholas Penny and Marika Spring
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 17.15MB)

The Conservation of the Carracci Cartoons in the National Gallery
Gabriele Finaldi, Eric Harding and June Wallis
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 13.01MB)

The Infra-red Reflectograms of Jan van Eyck's Portrait of Giovanni(?) Arnolfini and his Wife Giovanna Cenami(?)
Rachel Billinge and Lorne Campbell
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 13.01MB)

Elucidating Reflectograms by superimposing Infra-red and Colour Images
David Saunders and John Cupitt
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 3.34MB)

Photographic Flash: Threat or Nuisance?
David Saunders
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 1.25MB)

The Application of FTIR-Microscopy to the Analysis of Paint Binders in Easel Paintings
Jennifer Pilc and Raymond White
Read Abstract |  Download article (PDF 2.82MB)

Analyses of Paint Media
Raymond White and Jennifer Pilc
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 1.58MB)

Pictures Cleaned and Restored in the Conservation Department of the National Gallery, October 1993 – September 1994
Read Abstract |  Download article (PDF 0.54MB)

All articles have been peer reviewed by specialists outside the National Gallery.

All contributors are members of the National Gallery’s curatorial, scientific or conservation departments, unless otherwise stated.

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