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Technical Bulletin Volume 11

Technical Bulletin Volume 11, 1987

These articles were first published in print in 1988 and have been made available to download for free from 2011.


The Unmasking of Tura's 'Allegorical Figure': A Painting and its Concealed Image
Jill Dunkerton, Ashok Roy and Alistair Smith
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 28.79MB)

Packing: An Updated Design, Reviewed and Tested
Ann Stephenson-Wright and Raymond White
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 2.56MB)

Vincent Van Gogh's 'A Cornfield, with Cypresses'
John Leighton, Anthony Reeve, Ashok Roy and Raymond White
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 17.47MB)

Samuel van Hoogstraten: Perspective and Painting
Christopher Brown, David Bomford, Joyce Plesters and John Mills
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 15.85MB)

Fluorescent Lamps: A Practical Assessment
David Saunders
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 3.68MB)

Analyses of Paint Media
John Mills and Raymond White
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 0.86MB)

Pictures Cleaned and Restored in the Conservation Department of the National Gallery, January 1986 December 1986
Read Abstract | Download article (PDF 0.52MB)

All articles have been peer reviewed by specialists outside the National Gallery.

All contributors are members of the National Gallery’s curatorial, scientific or conservation departments, unless otherwise stated.

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