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Monitoring Shock and Vibration during the Transportation of Paintings

David Saunders
Technical Bulletin Volume 19, 1998


The rationale for logging the shock and vibration experienced by a painting in a packing case is discussed. Shock/vibration records for a variety of typical journeys by air-ride truck in the UK, by air-ride truck and ferry, and air-ride truck and flight are presented and discussed. Shock/vibration records for loggers attached to the case and to the frame of a painting (less vibration) are compared, as are records for a large and a small painting (more vibration) on similar journeys.

Some of the highest vibration levels were recorded in airport cargo areas, while carrying large cases up steps, and while 'hand-carrying' small cases which in fact travelled on trolleys and in ordinary vehicles rather than air-ride ones on their journeys. 'Typical' vibration ranges for a wide range of transport situations are described.


paintings, shock, transporting, UK, vibration

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