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A Double-Sided Panel by Stephan Lochner

Rachel Billinge, Lorne Campbell, Jill Dunkerton, Susan Foister, Jo Kirby, Jennie Pilc, Ashok Roy, Marika Spring and Raymond White
Technical Bulletin Volume 18, 1997


A double-sided panel by Stephan Lochner in London (Three Saints), and one in Cologne also attributed to Lochner, came from the same tree and can be dated to the 1440s by dendrochronology. The front of the double-sided panel had fine canvas attached before it was primed with chalk and glue, while the reverses of both were toned with black pigment in a proteinaceous medium. Underdrawing and gilding techniques are discussed. Linseed oil and heat-bodied oil with pine resin added for the glazes were used. There is evidence for zinc sulfate drier used in a red glaze. The large particle size of many of the pigments has affected the surface texture and appearance. Several colour macrographs illustrate the pigment mixtures used. Similar materials were used for the painting on the reverse. The technique is consistent with Cologne painters of the period.


dating, gilding, panel paintings, Stephan Lochner, underdrawings

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