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MA in Art History, Curatorship, and Renaissance Culture

MA: Warburg Institute and the National Gallery

The MA in Art History, Curatorship, and Renaissance Culture is offered by the National Gallery in conjunction with the Warburg Institute.

The purpose of the programme is to provide high level linguistic, archive, and research skills for a new generation of academic art historians and museum curators. The art historical and scholarly traditions of the Warburg Institute are linked to the practical experience and skills of the National Gallery to provide training which equips students either as academic art historians with serious insight into the behind the scenes working of a great museum or as curators with the research skills necessary for high-level museum work.

About the programme

This twelve-month, full-time programme provides an introduction to:

  • Museum knowledge, which covers all aspects of curatorship including the technical examination of paintings, connoisseurship, materials and conservation, attribution, provenance, and issues relating to display.
  • Art history and Renaissance culture to increase students’ understanding of methods of analysing the subjects of works of art and their knowledge of Renaissance art works and the conditions in which they were commissioned, produced, and enjoyed.
  • Current scholarship and professional practice in these areas as well as new and emerging areas of research and scholarship. 

Further information about the MA and how to apply can be found on the Warburg Institutue's website: MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture [External link]

About the Warburg Institute

The Warburg Institute exists principally to further the study of the classical tradition, that is of those elements of European thought, literature, art, and institutions which derive from the ancient world. The Warburg Institute is concerned mainly with cultural history, art history, and the history of ideas, especially in the Renaissance. The Institute houses a world-famous Library, Archive, and Photographic Collection. The Warburg Institute is a member institute of the School of Advanced Study at the University of London.