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Privacy Notice: Teacher and School Contact Data

We are the National Gallery and this policy sets out the basis on which we use personal data which we collect from or receive from schools and other educational institutions we do business with. We refer to ourselves within this policy as ‘we’ or ‘us’.

We hold your personal data as you are a representative of your school (or other organisation) and not as an individual or a consumer. You may, at any time, ask for your data to be deleted or for the processing we are undertaking to cease (please see "Your Data Protection Rights, Security and Cookies” below).

We collect information when you interact with us including (but not limited to):

  1. When you make enquiries in relation to our services;
  2.  When you enter into a contract to receive goods and/or services from us (for example, if you enter onto a course with us);
  3. When you provide your contact details to us at industry networking events, conferences or during meetings;
  4. We also may collect information about you from third parties, including your school (or employer) or trade organisations; and
  5. If you otherwise contact us by telephone, in person, email or post.

We may collect and process the following information from you:

Information obtained directly from you - for example, in person, over the phone, by post, or when you interact with us online. We may collect:

  • Name;
  • Prefix;
  • Email address;
  • Business Postal address (i.e. the address of your school);
  • the name and type of the school (or organisation) you work for;
  • Job title and role; and
  • Contact telephone numbers and other relevant contact details (including, for example, any Webex/Zoom/Microsoft Teams details).

Where relevant we may also collect:

  • Email preferences;
  • Details of goods and services purchased by you and your school (or organisation) including details of your attendance and participation on our courses;
  • Information provided in correspondence when you contact us;
  • Payment details including in relation to your (or your organisation’s) bank account;
  • The details of employees, directors and other persons within your school (or organisation);
  • The details of other persons to whom our provision of services relates, for example attendees of events at our premises or other industry events, details of your subcontractors, or persons to whom we are to provide consultancy or training;
  • Information in relation to the performance of contracts, reviews and meetings; and
  • Any particular access or dietary requirements you may have which you provide to us.

We may also obtain information available from other external sources about you and combine it with information we hold about you for example in relation to. This will only be done if this information is publicly available (for example on Companies House, the land registry or credit checking agencies, or information available on Ofsted, school performance and pupil composition on government websites) or if you have given permission to a third party to share this information.

We use the information we hold about you for a number of purposes including to provide information you have asked for, to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, to receive the performance of your contractual obligations to us, to request additional information from you, to market industry specific events, opportunities or provide related news, to develop and improve our services and to otherwise operate the gallery.

We may use your information in the following ways:

To fulfil our obligations under a contract with you and to otherwise carry out our business:

This includes:

  • fulfilling contracts relating to goods and services which we are providing to you;
  • processing payments from you (although please be aware we will not hold your payment details for any longer than necessary to process your transaction);
  • contacting you with any important information in relation to our contract with you this may include providing you with training resources and materials, reminder emails (including when submission portals for competitions are open) and to contact you to check on progress on courses and programmes we are providing;
  • for the internal administration of any contract with you including with our finance, legal and procurement teams;
  • to process the awarding and management of any continuing progression development (CPD) points;
  • sharing your details with other specific third party partners who will contact you to let you know how they are using your information;
  • contacting you to respond to your queries (for example, if you email us with a question); and
  • fulfilling reporting obligations to our funders.

When it is in our legitimate interest to do so:

We shall use your information where it is in our legitimate interest to do so, which may include:

  • sending you emails about our services (or services provided at the Gallery), events, news and other opportunities relating to goods or services in respect of which you either contacted us or have a contract in place in relation to. We will endeavour to ensure that these events are of interest to the email subscribers;
  • to improve our services by tracking participant and school data including the number of teachers taking part, the proportion of returning participants, the distribution of participants across the country, whether participants repeat services or seek other services;
  • emailing you in relation to specific events or update about the National Gallery;
  • contact you by telephone in relation to our services, specific events or updates in relation to the National Gallery;
  • contact you to survey you in relation to your participation on our courses and our performance. Whilst we may use the responses to our surveys in marketing and for reporting purposes, we shall not use your personal data for such activities unless we have your prior written consent; and
  • store and retain your personal information in relation to you on our contact database for the above purposes and to facilitate future bookings. 

When we have a legal obligation to do so:

In appropriate circumstances we shall use your information to fulfil our legal obligations which may include:

  • detecting and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions in person or online;
  • undertaking due diligence to detect fraud, money laundering and credit risk and protect the reputation of the gallery;
  • to keep our databases up to date including deleting or updating the information we hold about you if we learn such information is inaccurate;
  • for our financial records;
  • such other obligations as are imposed on us from time to time;
  • to comply with our security obligations in relation to our venues and collections;
  • complying with your data rights (as further described below in section 5);
  • Health and Safety implications if appropriate, for example reporting first aid incidents; and
  • the use of CCTV recording equipment on our premises for monitoring and security purposes within our gallery.

We shall share your data with third parties who are connected with the performance of a relevant contract, to comply with our legal obligations or in order to enforce our rights, property or the safety of the gallery, our visitors or others.

We may share your personal information with the following organisations:

  • Service providers working on our behalf. For example, use of customer relationship management software, payment processing software, database services, website hosting services, providers or online and/or cloud services, printing and mailing organisations, marketing agencies and email delivery services;
  • our insurers in relation to any claim or issues in relating to our arising out of our insurance cover;
  • in relation to events this may include providers of catering, audio-visual and other services relating to your event;
  • our auditors for the purpose of conducting audits of the National Gallery’s business information and accounts;
  • our security contractors for the purposes of the security of the National Gallery and its collection; and
  • named third parties (provided we indicate such persons to you in advance) including our funders and/or sponsors if identified. 

If we are required to do so by law (for example under money laundering or charity law legislation, or under a court order) we may share your personal information with the police, other law enforcement or regulatory bodies or a government authority investigating unlawful activities.

We will keep your information for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy policy to fulfil our contractual obligations to you, to comply with legal requirements, tax, and accounting rules, or for other reasonable legal purposes.

The retention period will vary according to the nature of the purpose under which the information is held but we will contact you at least once per year and you will have the opportunity to opt out of our database on each occasion.

We normally retain CCTV footage for 30 days although in the event of an accident or incident which may give rise to an insurance claim, which is captured on CCTV, it may be retained longer.

Your data protection rights are set out in the National Gallery’s main privacy policy under “What rights do you have in relation to your personal information”

Details of how we keep your information secure are set out in the National Gallery’s main privacy policy under “How do we keep your information secure?”

Details of how we use Cookies and similar technologies if you use our website or similar services are provided on our website. Such use may also be subject to Terms of Use.

If you have any queries about our privacy policy, or want to raise a concern about how we process the information we hold about you, please email or write to our The Data Protection Officer, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5DN.

If you have any queries about our Learning and National Programmes team; If you have any queries about our Learning and National Programmes team;