Coastal Scene

Van Rysselberghe adopted the pointillist style, creating a composition using countless tiny dots of complementary colours, after seeing the work of Georges Seurat. He formed a close friendship with Seurat's follower, Paul Signac, and in the early 1890s produced a series of deceptively simple, light-filled and densely worked seascapes as van Rysselberghe and Signac travelled and painted together.

A distinctive feature of his work is the clusters of white dots sprinkled across the picture surface, as here, which give his paintings an animated, almost dancing quality. The dots also often form swirling decorative patterns, as in this work.

Key facts

Artist dates
1862 - 1926
Full title
Coastal Scene
Date made
about 1892
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
51 x 61 cm
Inscription summary
Acquisition credit
Bought, 2000
Inventory number
Location in Gallery