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Wooded Bank with Figures
Probably by Salvator Rosa

Rosa was one of the first artists known to have painted nature 'en plein air', or out-of-doors. This sketch is unusual in that it appears to have been painted on two separate occasions. The fissures and cracks in the rocks and the foliage above are loosely painted, while details such as the bamboo leaves, grass and flowers seem to have been added at a later date. It is possible that Salvator Rosa added these details back in the studio, and the addition of the bandits turns the sketch into a finished painting.

Key facts
Artist Probably by Salvator Rosa
Artist dates 1615 - 1673
Full title Wooded Bank with Figures
Date made probably 1660s
Medium and support Oil on paper laid down on board
Dimensions 28.1 × 41.7 cm
Inscription summary Inscribed
Acquisition credit The Gere Collection, on long-term loan to the National Gallery
Inventory number L867
Location in Gallery Not on display
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