Flowers in a Vase

The lush arrangement highlights van Brussel’s precise drawing, fluid brushwork, and his ability to evoke different textures. Most of the flowers featured in his paintings were popular, readily available species, including tulips, narcissi, poppies, roses, and peonies.

His concern for detail is evident throughout, whether depicting sap oozing from a broken tulip stem, speckles dotting the auricula blossoms, delicate tendrils spiralling away from the mass of flowers, or water droplets glistening on a rose leaf. The light-coloured landscape background is typical of flower paintings in the 18th century.

Like Jan van Huysum, van Brussel often included a bird’s nest lying on the ledge at the base of the vase of flowers. Yolk oozes from one of the eggs that has cracked.

Key facts

Artist dates
1754 - 1795
Full title
Flowers in a Vase
Date made
Medium and support
Oil on mahogany
81.1 x 58.9 cm
Inscription summary
Signed; Dated
Acquisition credit
Bequeathed by W.W. Aston, 1919
Inventory number
Location in Gallery