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Jean-Charles Cazin, 'Ulysses after the Shipwreck', about 1880-4

Key facts
Full title Ulysses after the Shipwreck
Artist Jean-Charles Cazin
Artist dates 1841 - 1901
Date made about 1880-4
Medium and support Oil on canvas
Dimensions 73.3 × 59.7 cm
Inscription summary Signed
Acquisition credit On loan from Tate: Presented by Arthur R. Anderson 1927
Inventory number L694
Location Not on display
Image copyright On loan from Tate: Presented by Arthur R. Anderson 1927, © 2009 Tate
Collection Main Collection
Ulysses after the Shipwreck
Jean-Charles Cazin

Returning from Troy, Ulysses's ship was destroyed by the god Zeus, and all the crew apart from Ulysses himself were drowned. He managed to reach the island of Ogygia, inhabited by the nymph Calypso. She fell in love with him but he was unable to return her feelings and his thoughts turned constantly to home.

This painting can be related to a series of compositions by Cazin which combine classical or religious subject matter with contemporary settings. The coastal scene portrayed here is almost certainly that at Equihen, near Boulogne, a setting which the artist used often for his subject pictures.

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