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The Rosary is a form of prayer counted on a string of beads. Tradition has it that the Rosary was presented to Saint Dominic by the Virgin, and this is a common subject in the iconography of that saint.

The Rosary is formed of 15 mysteries, each of which is meditated upon while saying a decade of Hail Marys, beginning with an Our Father and ending with a Glory Be. The Mysteries, some of which do not have a biblical source, are as follows: Joyful Mysteries: The Annunciation; The Visitation; The Nativity; The Presentation;The Finding in the Temple. Sorrowful Mysteries: The Agony in the Garden; The Scourging at the Pillar; The Crowning with Thorns; The Carrying of the Cross; The Crucifixion. Glorious Mysteries: The Resurrection; The Ascension; The Descent of the Holy Spirit; The Assumption; The Coronation of Our Lady.