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Giuseppe De Nittis, Winter Landscape

Key facts
Full title Winter Landscape
Artist Giuseppe De Nittis
Artist dates 1846 - 1884
Date made about 1880
Medium and support Oil on wood
Dimensions 21.4 × 26.8 cm
Acquisition credit The Gere Collection, on long-term loan to the National Gallery
Inventory number L858
Location Not on display
Image copyright The Gere Collection, on long-term loan to the National Gallery, © Private collection 2000. Used by permission
Collection Main Collection
Winter Landscape
Giuseppe De Nittis

Under a leaden sky, a solitary female figure makes her way across a snow-covered garden plot. The garden appears to be walled on three sides, but is open on the fourth to a tall suburban villa. Like the garden, the house seems to be new. The setting may be a suburb of Paris. The sketch seems to have been painted from high up, perhaps from the upper window of a neighbouring house.

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