Saint Mary Magdalene borne by Angels

Mary Magdalene, clothed only in her hair, is being carried to heaven by angels. This is one of the four lunette frescoes (transferred to canvas) of the life of Mary Magdalene from the Massimi chapel in the church of SS. Trinità de' Monti, Rome. The four evangelists in the vault, the lunettes, stucco and other ornaments in the chapel were painted by Giulio Romano, assisted by Gianfrancesco Penni.

Two drawings (Chatsworth, Devonshire collection; New York, Pierpont Morgan Library) are thought to relate to two of the other narratives in the lunettes. The rest of the decoration was completed by Perino del Vaga (1500 - 1547). The lunettes must have been completed before Giulio's departure for Mantua in 1524 and a date of about 1520-1 has been suggested.

Key facts

Artist dates
1499? - 1546; 1496? - 1528
Full title
Saint Mary Magdalene borne by Angels
Date made
possibly about 1520-1
Medium and support
Fresco, transferred and mounted on canvas
165.1 x 236.2 cm
Acquisition credit
Presented by Lord Overstone, 1852
Inventory number
Location in Gallery