The Conversion of Saul

On his way from Jerusalem to Damascus, Saul the Pharisee, a persecutor of Christians, is struck blind, falls from his horse and hears the voice of Christ, here seen in the clouds. This is the moment of his conversion to Christianity as the Apostle Paul (Acts 9: 1-9).

While his meticulous attention to detail gives the picture a jewel-like quality, Panizzati’s dramatically bright colour range and unsettled composition convey the turbulent drama of the subject.

Key facts

Artist dates
probably active 1524; died 1540
Full title
The Conversion of Saul
Date made
about 1535-40
Medium and support
Oil on wood
58.1 x 69.8 cm
Acquisition credit
Holwell Carr Bequest, 1831
Inventory number
Location in Gallery